Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday & a Smashed Finger

1. I am thankful that Aleigha's finger is in one piece...and that the doctor thinks everything will be okay with it.

2. I am thankful that Aleigha was such a big girl during the poking and prodding during the ER visit.

3. I am thankful that family were close by when I needed them!

4. I am thankful that Barbara took Jake for the afternoon so that Aleigha and I could take some much needed naps after the adrenaline wore off!

5. I am thankful I stayed home from work and don't have to go back until Tuesday.

6. I am thankful that Jake will no longer be slamming his bedroom door shut.

7. I am thankful for the power of prayer (thank you, Mom) and the power of the priesthood and having a husband worthy to use it (thank you, Jon & Dad).

Ok, if you are still wondering what I am talking about, I will tell you. While getting ready for the day today (thankfully, after I had showered and dressed and even makeup), Aleigha wanted to play with Jake in his room. Well, being the older brother and wanting to be alone in his room, he slammed his bedroom door before she was able to enter his room (this has happened many times...usually ending with her crying in frustration and me opening the door letting her in his room)...well, I was in my bathroom getting ready when I heard the door slam and then a cry from Aleigha that was NOT a frustrated cry! It was most definately one of pain. I ran as fast as I could to her side, opened the door which had been closed on her left middle finger, scolded Jake for slamming the door on her finger, meanwhile holding and trying to confort Aleigha. I was holding her and trying to calm her down when it finally dawned on me that I was wet...I looked down and saw blood. Yup, you guessed it...her finger had been sliced open. I didn't know exactly how bad it was, but knew that I needed to put something on it to help stop the bleeding. Within seconds, I had grabbed a clean washcloth, the phone (which I called Barbara saying I needed her here N O W and then Jon telling him to meet me at the ER here in Ephrata). As soon as Barb got here (and after I donned a shirt) we made our way to the ER.

The ER nurses and the physician that saw us were absolutely wonderful. I was SO thankful for how well they treated Aleigha and how great their bedside manners were. Thankfully, the doctor was able to stitch the tip of her finger back on, after numbing it of course. And sent us home with instructions to come back on Saturday for a dressing change and then to go see her doctor on Monday for a check-up and dressing change. She is currently scheduled to see an Orthopedic Surgeon on Wednesday in Spokane, but I would like to wait and see what her Doctor has to say. If she thinks she will be fine and there is no need to go to Spokane, then we won't. But, if she thinks she still needs to see the Surgeon, then we will.

Anyways, it was a VERY long day...nothing that I had planned really came about. However, I finally made it to the store tonight and am thankful I was able to reschedule my dental appointments.

I have attached some pictures of her bandaged arm. And, yes, that is a tube sock safety pinned to her shirt over her arm. LOL She has been quite the trooper! Love that lil' munchkin!


Leslie said...

oh no! Im so sad for your sweet little girl! hugs & kisses!

Teresa said...

Aahhhh, poor Aleigha. I did the same to my sister growing up -- slammed her finger right in the door --- actually broke it --- my mom was mad for YEARS about this!

Cale and Sharon said...

What a trooper. You I'll call you later.

Jess said...

Poor little girl :( I hope it heals quickly!