Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jake's School Spring Concert

On Thursday, April 23rd, we attended a concert at the New Life Christian School. This is where Jake goes to preschool, and his class had learned three songs for this Spring Concert. It was so neat seeing him up on those bleachers singing and doing all the little hand motions. What a big boy he is growing up to be! (Not that he was ever little to begin with!)

His class sang three songs:
"He's Still Working on Me"

"The Skeeters and the Bed Bugs"

"Say to the Lord I Love You"

"The Skeeters and the Bed Bugs" with their Baseball hats on.


We had a pretty nice Easter. Church was wonderful and afterwards the kids got to see what the Easter bunny brought for them. They were SO excited! Especially for all the candy that was in their baskets and hidden throughout the living room. It was fun watching them go through their baskets to see what all they got. Afterwards, we went over to Barb and Phil's for Easter dinner. It was SOO yummy! Ate way to much! And then hung out. The kids had a great time. Aleigha, however, decided she was tired and climbed right up onto Grammie's lap with her blankie and fell right to sleep. It was so precious, as she does not do this very often. If you would like to see a picture go visit Barb's blog here.We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Love you!

Pocatello Trip

On March 27th, my friend Mandy and I made a road trip to see our families. She is from Melba, Idaho and since it was our kids spring break that next week we felt it was a great time to go. So, we loaded up all 5 kids (her 3 and my 2) and away we went. We were able to get out of town by 8am--which is GREAT for me! Our drive seemed to go SO fast! The kids were SOOO good. We brought TONS of munchies that way we wouldn't have to stop except for potty breaks. We managed to get to Nampa (Mandy's in-laws place) in a little over 6 hours. Mandy and I couldn't believe how quickly that drive seemed to go. After unloading them and a quick potty break, I was back on the road for another 3.5 hours to Poky.

When we arrived at my mom's, we quickly unloaded most of our stuff, packed a bag with our swimsuits and towels and headed to Lava Hot Springs to see Ri, Jim, Krysten & the gang. The kids had such a great time playing! It was fun being able to share that experience with them. Especially, now that Jake is getting older he will remember it the next time we go. We were able to go twice while visiting with my mom.

While staying at my mom's, Jake sleeps out in the living room with Krysten and Aleigha and I sleep in Krysten's room. It's interesting seeing how my kids adapt to changes in their routines. At home, we have a set bed Grandma's...that goes RIGHT out the window! LOL Isn't that the way it's supposed to be though? Thankfully, Jake and Aleigha were troopers and didn't push the limits TOO much.

On sunday, we were able to go to Mom and Krysten's ward. It was such a wonderful experience to hear my Mom's Testimony and to sit in on her Primary class. She is such an amazing person! I am SOO proud of her and all that she has gone through to get to where she is at today.

After church, we went up to Ri and Jim's new place, up Mink Creek. The area they are living used to be an Egg Farm called Frazier's. The people who bought the land and buildings have been renovating and cleaning things up. It was beautiful there. The deer are right there and mountains, creeks, ect. Perfect place for Ri and Jim! Anyway, we ended up having a BBQ while it SNOWED!! Poor Jim was the lucky one to do the cooking! lol

Aleigha LOVED getting into Krysten's things in her room. As shown in the picture below, she found Krysten's makeup. Another time she was playing with her jewelry and everything that was located in this one shelf. She even managed to get into some paint and managed to get it all over her clothes and even some on the floor! Poor Grandma! Needless-to-say, Aleigha was a handful on that trip! Thank goodness she's soo darn cute!! :)
On Saturday April 4th, we went to Buddy's! This place has the BEST salad!! Even Aleigha enjoyed the famous salad! Jake, on the other hand, didn't want anything to do with that green stuff. He stuck with his pizza. Every time I go to Poky I try, try, try to go eat there at least once. Thankfully, we were able to go this time.
After we went to Buddy's, I took the kids and Krysten to Ross Park. Thankfully, they were able to play for a bit before it started snowing (or was it hail?). However, that didn't stop us from playing! By the time we were done, ALL of us were wet! It was so much fun though! I don't know if Krysten agrees fully, but Ri and I had fun! Right, Ri? ;) We still love you Krysten!!!

We had such a great trip! I'm so glad we were able to go visit everyone. Even though I felt like I could stay another week, the kids and Daddy were ready to come home. Thanks Mom for everything! Can't wait to see you guys again! Love you, bunches!!