Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Family Trees

Ok, so, I have had a lot of really awesome responses to the family trees that I made for Barb and my mom. And, I've been seriously been thinking about selling them. However, I'm not sure of the details. Anyways, I was wanting to hear what you, my family and friends, think. Please let me know. Also, I've been thinking of even making them on canvas instead of in shadow boxes. Your thoughts on that would be great too. Thanks!!


Was quiet but very nice. We spent Christmas Eve at Jon's parents and had a lovely dinner and desert (Cherry Cheese pie!) and the Christmas Story. Ken, Lyn, and Sean Kenny came over for desert and the story. It was a nice evening. Went home and kids put on brand new pj's and put out some milk and cookies out for Santa. Christmas day was wonderful! Jake asked Santa for a new train and woke up to one all put together! He was SOO happy! And Aleigha got a new baby from him. It was fun watching Jake open presents this year--he was really into rippin' those packages apart! Once one was open, he was looking for the next one! It was great! Aleigha was content with just playing with the papers and bows! One present, can't remember who's it was from, came wrapped in bubble wrap--I think the kids had more fun poppin' those than all the other present they got!! It was fun watching Aleigha try and pop them by stomping on them! LOL Jon got his Optimus Prime Transformer that he's been wanting for a few years (thanks Mom). He was SOOO surprised!! And I got a Xyron sticker/laminater machine. What I wanted but better! So, overall it was a wonderful Holiday.
Left: Aleigha's tent from Mom & Dad.
Right: Jake's train from Santa.

Left: Optimus Prime!!
Right: The History of Farting! (Thanks Steve & Teresa-- Just what he needed! ;P)
Left: Having fun with Bubble Wrap!
Right: I think this is how brother does it...

Left: Checking out one of her new babies.
Right: Playing with one of his new toys.

Left: Spending time at the "Gathering Place". :)
Right: Eating some yummy foods at Christmas!
Left: Barbara & Phil's Family Tree
Right: Mom's Family Tree