Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jake's New Bed

On my birthday, I was able to go to one of my favorite stores here in town called Georgie's. It is a 2nd hand store that is clean and reasonably priced. Plus, she is negotiable on her prices! Love that! Anyways, I have been really wanting to find a new bed for Jake that is raised off the floor so that he would have more floor space to play. Soooo....they had one at Georgie's!!! It was a GREAT find. The other day, Jon and I was able to put it together. Thankfully, after a few minutes of wanting his other bed, he was excited and happy! Aleigha even loves his new bed! Imagine that, not my monkey girl! LOL

Sage-N-Sun Parade Fun

On June 13th, we were able to go to the Sage-n-Sun parade that is held every year downtown. This year the theme was "Past, Present, and Future". It was a much better parade than it has been in past years. Ephrata actually had a few floats present! Amazing!! LOL Here are some pictures of the kids that I took during the parade. The kids had a great time catching the candy that was thrown to them, and had an even BETTER time EATING it!! As usual, Jake covered his ears when the firetrucks made their way to our spot. He has done this ever since he was a baby. Definitely does NOT like loud noises! One thing that was definitely different from last year, Aleigha was not in a stroller. She was free to run* and catch all that candy! (*see picture below) I swear that girl is fearless!!
All-in-all, we had a GREAT day.

Mini Golf

On June 2nd, Jon and I took the kids mini golfing for family home evening. Jake has been DIEING to go ever since he went with Starr and Krysten last summer. We went to Oasis Park and had a great time! Jake was SOO excited--we didn't tell him where we were going--he could hardly stand still long enough to get his putter and ball! Aleigha had fun too! She was trying SOO hard to hit her ball (and Mom and Dad's, too) into the hole. Thankfully, Daddy was there to save the day! I just love the picture I got of her with Jon. Even though it is fuzzy, you can see the pure JOY she had. Love it!! Definately going to be doing this more often!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

29 years

Wow....another year older and wiser too. Ok, maybe not wiser....but definitely older! This birthday has literally snuck up on me. I am grateful for this past year, but glad it has past. I have learned a lot about myself and am grateful for the lessons that I have learned. I am grateful for my family and for the love they show me and the strength they give me. I don't know where I would be without them. I am very blessed.
I am grateful that my mom gave birth to me 29 years ago and that she gave me such a wonderfully unique name. I'm very grateful for everything that she taught me.
I am grateful for my lil' sis, Ri, and baby sis, Krysten. Ri, you and I have gone through a lot and I am so grateful that you have been there for me. I love you so much and love that no matter what life brings to us we will always be sisters. I love that we are SO much alike, yet SO different. I love that we vibe off each other whenever we are together. I just love you!!
Krysten, I love that I can officially call you my sister! I love that you are apart of my family and will always be! I love that you are just as unique as the rest of us! I love that You are able to enjoy your youth the way you are MEANT to. I don't think you realize how much you are loved.
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who puts up with all my craziness and moods. I love you and am grateful that we have eternity together! I love that we make beautiful babies. :) I love that you are such a wonderful dad. I love that you are my best friend.
I am grateful for my two wonderful kids. Even though they make me crazy, I wouldn't know what to do without them! They are my world!
I am so grateful for the great friends that I have--love you guys!
I am grateful that I'm not 30 yet!! Another year to go! *sigh* :P

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer #1

Wow!! I was able to see this last night while watching the MTV movie awards...this movie is going to be amazing! Can't wait!!!