Thursday, April 24, 2008

Easter Pictures

Yeah, I know...I'm S-L-O-W! But here are some pictures from Easter. We didn't really do anything too exciting. Took the kids to the local park for an Easter egg hunt; went to church on sunday; had Easter dinner at Jon's parents'. It was nice having a quiet day. The kids enjoyed getting their Easter baskets...the candy was the ULTIMATE thing they really LOVED! lol But isn't that the way every kid is? I know I was just like that! Now look at me!! XD

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Updates, updates, updates

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. It's been FOREVER since I've last updated. What can I say, I'm lazy! LOL I actually do have some things to update everyone on. These past few weeks have been kind of a whirl wind. At the beginning of March, I started working at the local pizza place here in town--Time Out--LOVE IT! My boss is AWESOME! Couldn't ask for a better one! I work in the evenings, after Jon gets home from work, and am home usually by 10pm (at the latest). About 2 weeks into my new job, we found out we were pregnant! Talk about a TOTAL shocker!! We were very surprised and dazed. But we soon got used to the idea that we were having another baby. Well, on Friday, April 11th, was my 1st Doctor's appt. Needless-to-say, things didn't work out the way we thought. During my ultrasound (Dr. Lyon's always does an ultrasound during the first visit), we couldn't find a heartbeat. So, he scheduled me for another ultrasound with the radiologist (they have more detailed equipment, I guess) for that afternoon. I was SO upset after this first visit with Dr. Lyon's. He was very kind and professional about this whole thing, and said that we would wait till after this next ultrasound to figure out what we would be doing. I was almost hopeless. I had been feeling aprehensive about my appointment anyway, and then to have this happen! Man! Talk about sucky! At the beginning of my pregnancy, I felt things were different...somehow. I wasn't sure why, but that was how I felt. So, anyways. Went back that afternoon for another ultrasound and the results were the same. The baby had only developed till 7 weeks (I was at 9) and no heartbeat. After my ultrasound Jon and I met with Dr. Lyon's to talk about the next step. We decided to go ahead and schedule a D & C for Monday morning. I just felt that I needed to move on, rather than wait for things to happen on their own. Now that it's been a few days since the surgery, I'm doing ok. Sore, hormones are crazy, but doing ok. Today (thursday) has been kind of rough. Been a bit sad about this whole thing. Initially, we were SOO not prepared to be pregnant, then we had 4 weeks to get used to the idea only to have the game plan switched up again. Talk about a whirlwind month! I am very greatful for everyones love and support during this time. You all have been wonderful! Thank you to everyone who has helped during this time. We greatly appreciate it and love you all!

Well, I think that's about it for now. Will update again soon. Have some more to update on, but starting to get tired! (about time!! haven't been able to sleep!! Grrr!!)