Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

 We were getting pretty excited about Halloween at our house about 2 days ago! (Ok, longer than that, but when I finally broke out the costumes--Holy Cow! They were soo excited!) Jacob was able to borrow a costume (thank you, Denise!!) and went as Commander Cody from Star Wars. He wanted to be a Star Wars character so this worked out perfectly! Aleigha wanted to be a Tooth Fairy Princess, first. Then she saw this dragon costume and wanted to be that. She wore that all day yesterday.
 Then, this morning it was a sailor with a pirate hat. She ended up wearing the sailor costume for half the day (I even took her out in public with that on...shocker, I know. Hey, they're kids only once, right? Why not let them enjoy it!). She wanted to be a pirate and she wanted to be a princess soo.....I made a Pirate Princess costume! She looked soo cute!
 Here we are: Jacob as Commander Cody, Myself as a Gypsy, Aleigha as a Pirate Princess, and Mr. Steven as a Sleepy Baby Leopard. ;)
I sure had a great evening with my kids. I took them Trick-or-Treating downtown (stopped at Time Out and hit up a couple of businesses downtown), then up to the church for some good ol' Trunk-or-Treating. Then we decided to head over to 'Candy Cane Lane' for some more loot and then a quick stop at Grammie and Poppa's to show off said loot and costumes. By the time we got home the kids were worn out! Aleigha even put HERSELF to bed!

Right before Trunk-or-Treating.
Best Buds. Garrett and Jacob both Storm Troopers. :) 
They had such a great time tonight.
 Oh, hey, look! It's Abbie! Her car was AWESOME!! Also, 
she rocked her witches costume! I loved her shoes!! 
Look at all that Loot!
 Such pretty princesses!! Aleigha with her best friend Lauren. She made an adorable Snow White.
 Taking a break...

It was so enjoyable for me, this year, to take my kids Trick-or-Treating. I just kept reliving past Halloweens from when Ri and I were kids. Man, we had soo much fun. We would always have a blast trying to figure out exactly WHAT we were going to be. And we almost ALWAYS just used what we had on hand. It was fun. Once we were ready, Mom took us to the best places in town! My favorite...drum roll...Uncle Steve and Aunt Lexi's place! We would go up and down those streets for forever! We would run from house to house, (or ride in the car from house to house, only when it was REALLY cold out did we do that) collecting our loot. When we finally made it home we would go through our loot. We would sort, trade, count, eat, and stash it.

What a wonderful night of memories being made and of reliving old ones! 
I love you, Ri!! You can't believe the memories that flooded me tonight. It was awesome.

I hope and pray that everyone had a fun night of Tricking or Treating! I know I sure did! I didn't want it to end! Ha Ha! Now if only I can be more prepared for it's coming NEXT year! 

Ya...sure...Uh huh...Whatever. 

Happy Halloween!!

P.S. And yes...I'm back!!!! ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aleigha on camera

Jon took this today. Isn't she such a stinker? Love that girl!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lake Wenatchee Camping Trip Sept. 2009

Jon and his dad were able to take Jake camping this summer for the first time. Jake had SUCH a great time. They went on some hikes, chopped firewood (Jacob helped, too...thanks to Poppa), roasted dogs, skipped rocks (Jake learned how). After they returned home, Jake kept asking "when are we going camping with Poppa again, Dad?" He is sooo looking forward to next summer so he can go on more camping trips with them.
Here are some pictures of their trip.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Kindergartener!

Can't believe Jake is in kindergarten already! He was so excited about going to his new school. He was especially excited that his buddy Garrett was in the same class as him. He also has a few more kids in his class that he knows, one is Gunnar Allen, and a few more from his preschool class at NLCS. It was comforting to know that he wasn't going to be in a class where he didn't know anyone. Here are some pictures of that first day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Silver Falls Camping Trip August 2009

Jon and his dad went on a couple camping trips this summer. One place they went to was Silver Falls near Entiat. Here are some pictures Jon took of the trip.