Thursday, August 23, 2007

Family Visits

Well, I am finally getting around to posting an update...only took me a couple of months...I like to be sporatic like that. ;) Anywho, my mom, my sister, AhRian, Krysten, and Ri's dog, Scout came to visit all last week. It was fun. Krysten, Ri & Scout slept outside in a tent we put up in the backyard, and Mom shared a room with Aleigha. Jake sure enjoyed playing with Scout and Krysten. And I think they sure enjoyed playing with him. Scout and Aleigha had a morning ritual that they started. Once she had her breakfast and was sat on the floor to play, Scout would proceed with running round in circles around her and barking--trying to get a reaction from her. I was hilarious to watch! I believe we even took some pictures (I will post if so) of them.
We went to Seattle on one day (note: I HATE SEATTLE TRAFFIC!!!). Went to the Space Needle (in all the 10 years I've lived in Washington I have never actually been to the Space Needle) and to the Woodland Park. We walked a lot, saw a lot, griped some, and even lost AhRian (her own doing, mind you...she didn't keep up with the main group)...but it was a great visit. Jake REALLY enjoyed the zoo. He loves animals and it was fun to see his face light up at all the different ones that were there. Krysten had always wanted to see the Space Needle, so that was pretty cool to see that happen. Made it to the Grant County Fair on another day and then we pretty much visited and hung out. I was a nice visit. Some drama, but that's to be expected when we all get together. :P
Now, we are trying to get back into a routine again. Aleigha is trying to cut 4 teeth all at once--YOUSA! So, that hasn't been to much fun. And Jake is 3. Enough said! LOL He is sweet though and it's tough trying to get used to having a little sister right at his heels all the time! She sure does want to play with him. They can be quite the pair!
Jon is now on his 3rd to his last Masters class! WOOHOO!! We can't wait until he's done. That light at the end of the tunnel is looking bigger and bigger all the time!
Well, I think that's about it for now...Jon needs to use the computer for school, so I better go!
~Ciao for now!

Aleigha, Scout, & Krysten during the 'Morning Ritual'.

Jake's New Hat from the Fair.

Mom, Jake, & Aleigha on top of the Space Needle.

Me & Aleigha on top of the Space Needle.

Krysten & Jake outside of the Space Needle.
AhRian & Krysten in Seattle.

Aleigha being cute--as always!