Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, I was in the computer this morning and heard some crinkling out in the living room. I realized that Aleigha must have gotten in to something, so I go out there and this is what I find:
Apparently, she was! Thankfully, she didn't dump the ENTIRE bag out onto the floor! I gave her a little baggie with some in it...hopefully that will be it...for now. That girl is ALWAYS into something! lol

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Happenin's

Not much has been going on here...just the same ol' crap. lol Kids are growing like weeds; Jake is trying to stretch his boundaries (why do kids always do that?); Aleigha is the typical two year old--into E V E R Y T H I N G!; Jon is really liking his job and is learning a lot of new things; and I am striving to get back in control of my life. I am striving to be more organized and be the wife/mother/daughter that my Heavenly Father knows I can be. I am so grateful for my family and their unfailing faith in me...if not for you guys, I would be in the looney bin! haha

Anywho, I have been wanting to share some random pictures that I have taken throughout this month...just of the kids and some birthday pics of Lori and Denise.

This is Jake's Cowboy he made one day out of playdough. He was VERY proud of himself! Very creative boy!
Jake & Aleigha were being silly one day and wanted me to take pictures. Aleigha put all of her "accessories" on all by herself! Such a silly girl!
I was able to go over to Moses Lake and have lunch with Lori and Deni at Inca's. I hadn't seen Den in FOREVER, so it was nice to see her and be able to celebrate Lor's Birthday. Lori even took me to see her house which is awesome! Can't wait for her to move in! Hopefully within a week!! YAH!! This is at Momma Yum Yum's with the girls to celebrate Denise's birthday. It was a good night. Good food and great conversation! And this is what Shana & I made for her. Shana found the quote and we both agreed that it was SOOO Denise! LOL We love ya, girl!

Ok, so, I'm a bit late in posting these...but I decided I had better get them posted! These are just a few pics I took while down at my Mom's for Thanksgiving.

Aleigha fell asleep just hangin' out with Jake and Krysten...I thought this was so cute I had to take a picture!
AhRian & I at the movies. We went and saw "Twilight" for the second time with our hubbies. It was a fun night. We even went out to dinner afterwards. It was nice to double date with those two. I swear we are such polar opposites!! It is rather hilarious. Ri & I even commented on how different we probably look to people. Ri & Jim are almost dressed biker style, and then there's Jon & I...dressy know, our usual. hahaha it was fun!!
This is a picture of the day my Mom went through the Temple for the first time. She went through the Idaho Falls Temple. I was able to be her escort and Lori, Pat, Jon, & Grandma Colleen (mom's Mom) were all there to celebrate this wonderful moment. We are so proud of her and the steps that she has taken to get here! We know it was NOT easy, but SO worth it! We love you!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kre.A.Shans Post

I just wanted to let you all know that we (Shana & I) have FINALLY posted our kit for the month of January on our blog. Go check it out! Also, look for some fun new stuff to be posted soon. We have a lot of ideas a-brewing!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My friend, Ashley, sent this to me back in October and I finally took the time to watch it this morning. This message was so powerful that I feel I must share it. I love the message that he is sharing. This is definitely what I needed to hear this morning. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Banned Children's Items

Teresa was kind enough to post this on her blog and wanted to share this with you guys as well. I feel a bit better after reading this. What are your thoughts?

For those interested, here's the latest update. Good news -- but still now sure about the books. Hopefully, this will be the last I have to post about it.

CPSC Clarifies Requirements of New Children’s Product Safety Laws Taking Effect in February
Guidance Intended for Resellers of Children’s Products, Thrift and Consignment Stores
WASHINGTON, D.C. - In February 2009, new requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) take effect. Manufacturers, importers and retailers are expected to comply with the new Congressionally-mandated laws. Beginning February 10, 2009, children’s products cannot be sold if they contain more than 600 parts per million (ppm) total lead. Certain children’s products manufactured on or after February 10, 2009 cannot be sold if they contain more than 0.1% of certain specific phthalates or if they fail to meet new mandatory standards for toys.

Under the new law, children’s products with more than 600 ppm total lead cannot lawfully be sold in the United States on or after February 10, 2009, even if they were manufactured before that date. The total lead limit drops to 300 ppm on August 14, 2009.

The new law requires that domestic manufacturers and importers certify that children’s products made after February 10 meet all the new safety standards and the lead ban. Sellers of used children’s products, such as thrift stores and consignment stores, are not required to certify that those products meet the new lead limits, phthalates standard or new toy standards.

The new safety law does not require resellers to test children’s products in inventory for compliance with the lead limit before they are sold. However, resellers cannot sell children’s products that exceed the lead limit and therefore should avoid products that are likely to have lead content, unless they have testing or other information to indicate the products being sold have less than the new limit. Those resellers that do sell products in violation of the new limits could face civil and/or criminal penalties.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Banned Children Items

My sister-in-law, Teresa, has been posting about this on her blog and I felt this was so important that I needed to share this with all of you:

"Is the Government serious? I'm all for keeping our kids safe, but really, is this necessary? Come Feb. 10th, all used childrens products will need to be lead and phthalates tested -- which is expensive and will put many children consignment stores out of business! Yes, this is clothing and toys, etc for children under 12. Oh, and this includes yard sales, e-bay, Craigs list, etc. You have to read this article to believe it from the LA Times. I clothes shop for 5 kids and love the consignment stores. Well, there goes my clothing budget. Sorry, just had to vent!!! (Note to our RS Enrichment Counselor, Patrice: A children's clothing swap may be a good idea to add to the list of activites for this year.)"

More Info. on Banned Children's Items...

The Sale of Children's Books to be Banned
By Heather Idoni


Oh, how I wish this were a joke! But it is a grim and looming, almost Orwellian, reality.

Effective February 10th, in the United States, the sale of all children's books (books intended for children ages 12 and under) is to be PROHIBITED. Every single book printed prior to the ruling is affected, whether new or used. New books in production are required to include a "lead-free" certification and will be the only books that are legal to offer for sale.

What does this mean to your family?

Well, for one, curriculum fairs across the country will be cancelled as book vendors scramble to figure out how to comply with the new ruling. Complete book inventories will have to be destroyed -- the ruling even prohibits giving away the books! Local thrift stores will be hard hit -- most will likely have to close their doors -- yes, even Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Clothing, toys and books -- even CDs and DVDs are included in the ruling. Thrift stores will no longer be able to accept or process anything (including clothing) that would be intended for a child.

No more library sales. Libraries will not be permitted to give away or sell book donations. It is unsure yet, however, how the libraries' shelves themselves will be impacted (the ruling doesn't explicitly mention "loaning" books, just selling or giving them away). The key word, however, is "distribution" -- libraries may well be required to destroy books from their shelves.

(The ruling that originally passed was about toys, but the EPA has since made a statement that clothing, books and media are included in "children's toys".)

Just how serious is this new law? has already notified all vendors of their need to comply. No book can be sold at the Amazon site that was printed prior to compliance. And the "compliance" must be coordinated at the manufacturing stage. At the time of this article there is no clause to be able to grandfather-in older books or even rare out-of-print books. It can cost between $500 and $1500 to test a book for lead.

I happen to own a children's bookstore specializing in living books from the 1950s and '60s. My punishment for selling a book after February 10th? Up to $100,000 and 5 years in jail. And yes, it is a felony charge. For selling a SINGLE book.

(Although I don't think the S.W.A.T. team scenario would become a reality overnight, at the same time I would be leery of blatantly violating Federal law.)

So what can you do to help save your local used bookstore that sells children's books? Or that homeschool curriculum business? Or your EBay business selling children's items?

ACT NOW before the quickly approaching deadlines:

1) Email or call the CPSIA - the office of the CPSC ombudsman at 888-531-9070.

Comments on Component Parts Testing accepted through January 30, 2009. Or email:

2) Contact your local representatives. For their contact information, just enter your zip code.

3) Make your voice heard by voting on this issue! The top 3 in each category will be presented to President-elect Obama.

4) Sign the petition.

5) Spread the word! Forward this article. Send an email. Write about this on your blog. Tell others about this issue and encourage them to do the same.