Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Happenin's

Not much has been going on here...just the same ol' crap. lol Kids are growing like weeds; Jake is trying to stretch his boundaries (why do kids always do that?); Aleigha is the typical two year old--into E V E R Y T H I N G!; Jon is really liking his job and is learning a lot of new things; and I am striving to get back in control of my life. I am striving to be more organized and be the wife/mother/daughter that my Heavenly Father knows I can be. I am so grateful for my family and their unfailing faith in me...if not for you guys, I would be in the looney bin! haha

Anywho, I have been wanting to share some random pictures that I have taken throughout this month...just of the kids and some birthday pics of Lori and Denise.

This is Jake's Cowboy he made one day out of playdough. He was VERY proud of himself! Very creative boy!
Jake & Aleigha were being silly one day and wanted me to take pictures. Aleigha put all of her "accessories" on all by herself! Such a silly girl!
I was able to go over to Moses Lake and have lunch with Lori and Deni at Inca's. I hadn't seen Den in FOREVER, so it was nice to see her and be able to celebrate Lor's Birthday. Lori even took me to see her house which is awesome! Can't wait for her to move in! Hopefully within a week!! YAH!! This is at Momma Yum Yum's with the girls to celebrate Denise's birthday. It was a good night. Good food and great conversation! And this is what Shana & I made for her. Shana found the quote and we both agreed that it was SOOO Denise! LOL We love ya, girl!

Ok, so, I'm a bit late in posting these...but I decided I had better get them posted! These are just a few pics I took while down at my Mom's for Thanksgiving.

Aleigha fell asleep just hangin' out with Jake and Krysten...I thought this was so cute I had to take a picture!
AhRian & I at the movies. We went and saw "Twilight" for the second time with our hubbies. It was a fun night. We even went out to dinner afterwards. It was nice to double date with those two. I swear we are such polar opposites!! It is rather hilarious. Ri & I even commented on how different we probably look to people. Ri & Jim are almost dressed biker style, and then there's Jon & I...dressy know, our usual. hahaha it was fun!!
This is a picture of the day my Mom went through the Temple for the first time. She went through the Idaho Falls Temple. I was able to be her escort and Lori, Pat, Jon, & Grandma Colleen (mom's Mom) were all there to celebrate this wonderful moment. We are so proud of her and the steps that she has taken to get here! We know it was NOT easy, but SO worth it! We love you!!!


Jess said...

What a cute post!! LOVE the gift you gave, what a cute saying :) We need to get together, a couples date would be so fun!

riri.kitten said...

I'm glad you found the chance to catch us all up on the happenings in Kre's neck of the woods. :) Those pictures are wonderful!

Thank you so much for posting the pictures that you do. It really helps those of us who are farther away than we'd like to be keep close. :)

I love how we're polar opposites and get along so great! :P Not to mention Jon and Jim! HAHAHA!!! :P We need to do another double date ASAP! :P Jim and I are going to watch the new Underworld: Rise of the Lycans tomorrow, I think.

Love you and miss you tons!