Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So, instead of really celebrating Jon being completely done with school, we are dealing with the flu!! UGH!! Jake has been sick for 2 1/2 days now! YUCK! Thank goodness he's finally starting to act a little more like his old chipper self. And, it looks like he's finally able to keep some toast and water down...100% better than yesterday (couldn't keep ANYTHING down!).

So, as I was saying, Jon is COMPLETELY done with his Masters as of Monday night. WOOHOO!! And, he's applied for his Diploma yesterday. He should be getting that in a month or so. I am so proud of him and this awesome accomplishment! Now on to bigger and better things! I hope! ;)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas!

Nothing very exciting has been going on. Just getting ready for Christmas. We had a great Thanksgiving. Very quiet. Just Jon, myself, and the kiddos at Grammie and Pappa's. It was very nice. And the food was perfect! YUM! I even got up and shopped the day after Thanksgiving with two good buddies of mine (Denise and Shana). We had fun. Left here about 4:30am and drove about 45 minutes to Wenatchee. Crazy!! But it was worth it. Got some good deals and such.

Since then, just been getting decorations out and christmas stuff up.

Jake has been SO excited this year!! I put up my 3 small christmas trees and he was like, "Mom, wow! We have THREE trees?!" When I told him that we were going to be getting a bigger tree to decorate he couldn't stop talking about it until we got one! LOL He is such a doll! I sure love this time of year. Especially seeing how happy and excited Jacob is. I'm sure Aleigha will be much more interested in the season next year. This year we are just striving to keep her out of the Christmas tree and presents! Too fun! We've been to a couple holiday related activities. Jacob was able to make a couple crafts during the Mint Explosion downtown. Santa was even there, but Jake said he was too scary. So, yeah. He did see Santa during our Ward Christmas Dinner. He was VERY excited. I think it helped that he saw his friends being excited to see Santa. Aleigha didn't quite know what to think about him. Just looked him over VERY well! LOL

Jon has ONE week left of school!!! WOOHOO!!!!! We are SOOOO excited!! YEAH!! So, that's about it, for now. I will be posting pictures later.

Love ya all!
Kre & Family