Tuesday, June 16, 2009

29 years

Wow....another year older and wiser too. Ok, maybe not wiser....but definitely older! This birthday has literally snuck up on me. I am grateful for this past year, but glad it has past. I have learned a lot about myself and am grateful for the lessons that I have learned. I am grateful for my family and for the love they show me and the strength they give me. I don't know where I would be without them. I am very blessed.
I am grateful that my mom gave birth to me 29 years ago and that she gave me such a wonderfully unique name. I'm very grateful for everything that she taught me.
I am grateful for my lil' sis, Ri, and baby sis, Krysten. Ri, you and I have gone through a lot and I am so grateful that you have been there for me. I love you so much and love that no matter what life brings to us we will always be sisters. I love that we are SO much alike, yet SO different. I love that we vibe off each other whenever we are together. I just love you!!
Krysten, I love that I can officially call you my sister! I love that you are apart of my family and will always be! I love that you are just as unique as the rest of us! I love that You are able to enjoy your youth the way you are MEANT to. I don't think you realize how much you are loved.
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who puts up with all my craziness and moods. I love you and am grateful that we have eternity together! I love that we make beautiful babies. :) I love that you are such a wonderful dad. I love that you are my best friend.
I am grateful for my two wonderful kids. Even though they make me crazy, I wouldn't know what to do without them! They are my world!
I am so grateful for the great friends that I have--love you guys!
I am grateful that I'm not 30 yet!! Another year to go! *sigh* :P


Jess said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..... Hope it was a good one! You know, we are pretty close in age :) We must double date soon!

Cale and Sharon said...

hope your bday was great!!!

just wait till 30 lol....

Teresa said...

Hello....what about your amazing sister-in-law? JK...that was great -- you are indeed a blessed woman! Hope your day was great!

Barbara said...

Yeah!! And that Mother-in Law who loves you bunches!!! We are so thankful you are part of our family.

Smash said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day. Enjoy your last year in the 20's. -Ashley