Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Updates

First off, I apologize for such a huge post...but, alas, it can't be helped! LOL I need to get this blog updated! So, here goes (Most recent events are first):

On Monday, the 27th, during Aleigha's naptime, I went outside and watched Jake blow some bubbles. He had SO much fun...especially showing off for Mom! He hHe is SUCH a cutie!

Last Thursday, a friend of mine put together an awesome preschool Halloween Party. She did an AMAZING job! She had different stations put up in her backyard for the kids to participate in. Yummy potluck, and great visiting! Here are a few pictures of that day. Also, I HAD to toot my horn and share Aleigha's hair. She dressed up as a princess and instead of having her wear a princess hat, I made up her hair into one, instead! Thought it turned out too cute!

Here are a couple of pictures of a hairdo I did for Aleigha. Thought it was SO cute!

Since, Aleigha's actual birthday was on a Sunday, I decided, as a gift to me, she would wear one a dress that I wore when I was 2 or 3. I absolutely love this dress. And really was hoping it would fit her. Thankfully, it did!! So, off to church we went...I wanted to take some pictures of her on outside next to some of the bushes and shrubs that are around the Church, but I wasn't able to do so. So, unfortunately, the only pictures I have of that day, are after church, when she is tired and uncooperative. But, at least I have some, right?

I took these snaps of Jacob playing horsey for Aleigha on October 9th. Oh, Man! It was SO stinkin' Hilarious!! It totally reminded me of playing horsey with AhRian, back in the day. Brought back some memories...Too Much Fun!!

On October 9th, we had Elder Heinbaugh and Elder Stafford over for Jon's ultimate Boston Burritos. Since Jon rarely makes dinner, I felt it warranted documentation. hehe We had a great time with the missionaries and they really enjoyed the burritos. Elder Heinbaugh kept trying to figure out what they were made of. He even took a little piece on his fork and tried to decipher what was inside. Rather funny.

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Teresa said...

Fun post! You do a really cute job with Aligha's hair -- love the princess look. Eventful month -- but you forgot to document Jon's new job....hope that's going okay. And I forgot about the burrito's...sounds familar...what is in them, anyway?