Friday, October 3, 2008

Progress at Preschool

As I'm sure I have mentioned in previous posts, Jake has recently started attending preschool. Well, it has been such a battle to even GET him there, let alone, LEAVE him there. He will cry and yell and kick up a fuss if I mention going to preschool and then when I go to leave he does the same. Well, he has progressively gotten better...less whining, and crying; more willing to try this new venture. Well, today was amazing!

He asked, "Mom, are you leaving?"
My reply, "Yes, I'll be leaving soon, ok?"
A few minutes go by (he is at his seat working on his morning worksheet), and I say, "Ok, Jakey, I'm leaving now. I will see you in a little bit, ok?"
He was a little worried at first, but then seemed to relax a bit. His teacher made her way over to him and said "you'll be ok, and Mom will be back in a bit."
He said, "Ok, Mom. I'll see you later!"
I blew him and kiss as I walked up the stairs...he blew one back and said "BYE!"
By this time his class was clapping and cheering him on because this is the FIRST time he has done this and not kicked up a HUGE fuss with me leaving!

I am SO proud of him! He is such a big boy. And I am SO grateful that he is able to learn that he can handle things even when I am not around.
First day of School.


Barbara said...

That is really a breakthrough for Jacob. Good job, Kre.

riri.kitten said...

That is an amazing achievement...I had to read it twice to make sure I didn't misread it!!! :) I'm glad he's learning that he's able to handle things on his own and is taking those steps with more ease as the days go by. He's such a smart boy. I'm way proud of him. :)