Sunday, May 10, 2009


On Friday, May 1st I was able to go on our semi-annual women's retreat at Ensign Ranch. It was AWESOME! A group of us left early (ok, 10 am isn't really THAT early) Friday morning and headed towards the ranch. We stopped in Ellensburg and then the outlet mall in North Bend (yes, we actually drove 45 mins PAST the ranch to do this shopping trip...DEFINATELY worth it!). It was a fun afternoon of shopping. By the time we were all done, we were ALL ready to relax and get settled in at the ranch. We had a yummy potluck dinner and then set out to working on our projects. I had so much fun visiting and laughing with everyone that I really didn't do that much with my scrapbooking (a whole whopping 3 pages!). Plus, I got MAYBE 3 hours of sleep. LOL It was SOO worth it! A much needed break. And I am SOOOO looking forward to the one in October!

Here are a few pictures I got.

Having Lunch at Mongolian Grill in North Bend.
Denise posing with her project. Or is she posing for the camera? ;)Shana working on a die cut for one of her cute pages! (Love that program!)
Miss Kitty and Miss Shirley enjoying a movie! So Fun!
I do have more pictures but I don't think some people would really be happy if I posted them for everyone to see. Plus, some of those people have some incriminating pictures of me (you know who you are), and I'd rather not have THOSE posted for everyone to see! LOL


riri.kitten said...

How DARE you use a fork at a Mongolian grill!!! I thought I taught you better than that. *tsk tsk tsk* Shame on you...*snicker*

Team Harris said...

Girl time is WAY important! It always makes us feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world again! Looks like you had a blast!