Friday, May 29, 2009

Leavenworth Camping Trip with the Harris Family!

This camping trip was a lot of fun! It was wonderful to meet up with Michael and Christina and camp together. They are such AWESOME people! Here are some random pictures that I took on our trip. I wish I would have taken a BUNCH more...oh time, right?

I took this picture of Aleigha on our way to Leavenworth. We stopped to get some food and she decided that instead of giving me her plug she would put it under her chin! Hilarious!

Christina took this beautiful picture of the view from our campsite.
Christina, also, took this picture of our camping site. It turned out to be a pretty great spot, except for the gravel! We were lucky we really didn't have any neighbors close by. It was great.Another shot by Christina. Aren't these boys just TOO cute?! Evan and Jake got a long marvelously. It was awesome that they hit it off so well.These next pictures are taken down by the Wenatchee River. It was GORGEOUS but COLD! (Christina took this one.)Christina got a shot of the Jakester and me...he is such a turkey!
Jakes big log he found. He threw it in the water and then ran back out to get it!
I am very pleased with these next few shots that I was able to take. I love how the water is sparkling and how the kids look. Very beautiful.
Aleigha was sitting by these flowers just right by our camp and Christina was able to take some shots of her. So sweet.
We went to downtown Leavenworth and the kids were able to play on some inflatables. They had a great time! (Another shot by Christina)
After our downtown jaunt, Jon and I took the kids back to camp, while the Harris's looked at some more shops in Leavenworth. We ended up taking the kids to the pool to cool off! It was wonderful! And the kids had a blast!
We had such a great time visiting and hanging out with the Harris's. They are such a wonderful family. We did come home a day early, not because we were on eachothers nerves, but we just felt that it would be best to do that. We were able to get some things done on Monday and hang out. It was wonderful to have that extra day to just relax at home. All-in-all, a great weekend!

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Team Harris said...

Yay!! Super fun!! I NEEDED that sunshine... totally rejuvenated me. We did figure out something though... I don't know if Phoenix is really for us. I know you get used to the heat, but I would worry for my kids. They are really, really cold blooded creatures. They had a hard time with 80F... you saw how Ethan handled it that one day with his red face. UGH...

Anyway... love your sparkly water shots... VERY nice!!