Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aleigha plays horsey

A few days ago, I hear Aleigha going "HEE-HAA, HEE-HAA". I go and see what she is doing, and this is what I find:

Isn't that just hysterical?! I was dying!!! She loves that swiffer sweeper and I don't mind that she plays with it...but I never thought she'd do this. LOL Love it!!


Barbara said...

That is a really versatile "horsey" can ride it or slide it! Smart girl...loved this video.

riri.kitten said...

I absolutely LOVE it! Can you imagine what she'd do with a real horse? lmao! Can't wait to find out! Keep your fingers crossed! :P

Team Harris said...

How CUTE!!! I love that she kept taking the baby for a ride too!