Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Jacob!!

Wow! I can't believe another birthday has already come and gone! It seems just a little while ago that he was born. Amazing how time flies! I decided I should post some pictures of him from when he was first born. Here he is:

First Family Pic 2/23/04

Great Grandpa & Grandma Baker's first look. (Had to share this picture...G'pa Baker isn't with us anymore so this is very special to me. Wanted him to be alive for when my first baby was born and also have him stand in on baby blessing. I'm so grateful that he was!)

Funny face! Had to share! Too funny not to!! HEHEHE

Anyways, he had a good birthday, yesterday. We celebrated at Burger King. It's so nice to have it somewhere other than my house--someone else gets to clean up the mess! ;P We had Dirt Cake with worms. Upon seeing the worms going on the cake, Jake said "Eww...I don't yike (like) worms." LOL I told him these are the kind we can eat and are good. Upon trying them he agreed! He liked his dirt cake and thought it was cool that we were able to eat it. His friends kept calling it 'mud' cake. He made out really well with his gifts. From Jon, Aleigha and I he got a new Geo-Trak Train and tracks. From Grandma Judy a new tower for his Geo-Trak train set. Grammie and Papa gave him some disney books with picture projector and music player (Loves it!). Garrett gave him a transformer (still figuring it out but likes that it changes from a guy to a car). Blake and Alex gave him some Cars stuff that included stickers, magnets and a Doc car (loves it!). He also got some new activity books and 2 new puzzles. Thank you everyone who came to his party and thanks for all the goodies! He truly loves them!

Jake & Garrett playing with their goodies.
Blake & Aleigha playing in the tunnels.

Playing with Alex.
Too cute!!
Aleigha loving her 'dunk-dunk'! She would get so mad when I took it away!
hehe Too funny!

Cheesey smile & gift from Grammie & Papa!

Playing with his new train, tracks, & tower! Choo-Choo!!

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Johnson Family said...

Your pics are so fun! I especially love the one with Jacob and your your grandparents! And I am so happy for you too, that your Grandpa was alive when Jacob was born!