Monday, February 9, 2009


So, the flu bug has made another stop at our house. This is the second time this year!! Ugh!! I was up with Aleigha for most of the night last night. It is SO not fun when they are this little. It's not fun no matter how old they are...but this age they just don't understand what's going on and why. I'm just praying that nobody else gets it!! Thankfully, Jake was good and Aleigha and I were able to sleep this afternoon and now Jon is home and is helping. It is SO nice that he is so willing to help!
That's about it for now. I will post something later about what's been going on besides this fun stuff!


Amber / fluzzy said...

Get well soon! ((hugs))

riri.kitten said...

I'm glad you guys are mostly over the flu now! :) Love you and hope you're doing well. :)