Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you wanna win it?

OK, I saw this on Shana's blog and decided it would be fun to play too! I love a good challenge! Oh, and thanks to Shana for the wonderful way of wording everything! hehehe :)

So, here's the deal...do you want to win something homemade by me???? Something fun, creative, and downright cute? Well here's your chance!

I will make something just for you, I hope (but can't guarantee) you'll like what you get! I promise you'll have it by the end of the year (see how I give myself plenty of time, you might not get it until 11:59 on December 31st :) The first five people to comment to this post will win.

But wait! There's a catch...YOU have to make a post on YOUR blog with the same offer! I know, this is the part that made me hesitate...but don't you think it would be fun?!!

Now.....GO! ;)


Wuppett said...

This sounds fun, and with my new empty nest I will have time for stuff like this,
I enjoy reading your blog too

Gaertners 'R Us said...

OK, so I'm gonna try!! But if I get 5 sponses I may have to extend the time it takes me to get the prize to the recipient!! Sounds like a fun challenege too...thanks! Oh, scrapbooking tonight at all??