Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas!!

We had a very nice Christmas this year. The kids were a blast to watch--especially Aleigha! She was such a hoot! We spent the first part of our morning opening up our Stockings and Santa gifts and then headed over to Grammie and Papa's for some very yummy brunch! Afterwards, we enjoyed opening the remainder of our family and friend gifts. Aleigha was in such a hurry to open presents. She'd get one opened and then would want another one right now! Everything seemed to be happening VERY fast. Finally, we said let's calm things down and enjoy our opening of gifts. Aleigha hated that idea, but we dealt with it! Jake had so much fun...he kept buzzing around like a bee...couldn't hold that kid still for nothin'! Thankfully, we were able to come home and have much needed naps and then back to Grammie and Papa's for some dinner and visiting.

We had a pretty great day. Even with the raunchy kids and runny noses!

We hope each of you had a wonderful day filled with the joy of this wonderful holiday! We love you and wish we could spend this day with you all!

Kreanna, Jon, Jacob, & Aleigha

P.S. I left my camera at Barb & Phil', I will post pics tomorrow!

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