Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Fun & Christmas Concert (December 19th)

I know I promised updates, but I felt that I needed to post these items first...that way I just get it done! hehe

Yesterday, it was a bit warmer outside (17 degrees versus 9) and so I took the kids outside in the backyard and let them run around and play in the snow. They had a BLAST and spent a good hour throwing snow at each other me. Aleigha kept wiping snow off of things--like our turtle sand box, she had to wipe off all the snow from off the top of it. The dryer vent, that too. Her boots and mine. It was rather amusing watching her. Jake was just happy to be able to make his snow angels and throw snow at me (even though I didn't want him too). It was great being outside and "playing" with them for a bit. Snow is so much's too bad it has to be SOOOO freakin' cold!!!

Today, was Jake's preschool's Christmas Concert. Ok, actually, it was the whole schools, but, I only really cared about Jake's part. He was SOOO cute. When he came out he started looking for me...couldn't find me and then when he did he was like, "Mom! Hi mom! Look at me! I'm going to sing!" he was soo excited to show off for me. hehehe He was too cute!! Anyways, I have some videos to share.

Song #1:

Song #2:


Wuppett said...

Ohh.. they are so cute and growning up fast,, Jacob is the cutest kid in his whole class, didnt take long to pick him out.

Teresa said...

It wouldn't let me watch the videos....said they are private...but I'm sure it's adorable. Fun time in the snow -- I can usually take about 1 day of snow, then I'm done for the year!

Kreanna said...

Video is working now!

Barbara said...

Jacob did so well!! He knew the songs and the motions. Yep, he is the cutest kid.

LovePridePrejudice - Emmaline said...

Way cute snow pictures.