Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Randomness (is that even a word?)

Ok, so...yeah. I've been meaning to update for a while but haven't taken the time until now. Needed to upload some pics and been lazy, yeah, what can I say? hehe Anyways.

Life has been rather crazy lately. Last Thursday I had oral surgery on my tooth that has been giving me he!! for about 2+ years now. I've had a root canal, they've ground it down, and when I saw the dentist this last time he decided that he needed to actually go into the root and clean out all the infection that way. So, they cut open my gum and cleaned it all out (had a pretty good nap during the that nitrous!) and then they sent me home with 4 stitches along my gums. Thankfully, Barb took Jake for the remainder of the day and I was able to take Aleigha home and take a nap until I had to be to work at 5pm. I was a little loopy from all the meds but had a pretty good night. I even was able to get Mandy to cut my hair! Love it!!! (See picture below.)
On Sunday, Jake lost his first tooth. His two bottom front teeth have been VERY loose for a couple weeks now, and I knew they would be coming out soon. His adult teeth have been visible for a while now. Anyways, the tooth fairy made a visit that night and brought him a dollar for his very first tooth. He was VERY excited! Then, the next day, while playing at his buddy Garrett's he lost his 2nd tooth. In fact, we think he swallowed it! LOL The boys were rough-housing and Garrett accidentally elbowed Jake in the mouth and that's how he lost it. So, the tooth fairy came back that night. Here are a couple pictures of the toothless boy!
Here are a couple of pictures of Miss Aleigha who is into EVERYTHING!! Quite literally! I was doing the laundry and she noticed the dryer was open and she preceded to climb right on in. It was rather hilarious. And, yes, she was munching on some crackers too. Ugh. Oh, and since I took pictures of her she now thinks it is ok that she do this EVERY time I open the dryer. Needless-to-say, she's been a little upset with me. Oh, well. Life goes on! lol
This last Monday, Jon had some training meetings in Tri-Cities for work and he suggested I tag along and get some Christmas shopping done. So, I decided I couldn't let an opportunity like this pass through my fingers. I found babysitters for the kids (thanks Shana and Lori!!) and went shopping for the day. It was so fun. And SO nice to get a break. I got quite a bit of shopping done and feel pretty good about the results.

Well, I think that's about it. Oh! Last Tuesday, Veteran's day, since Jon had the day off we went to Wenatchee and got some family pictures done. They turned out SOO good! I will be posting some pictures soon....have to find the disc! lol


riri.kitten said...

I LOVE your hair!!! I wanna see more pictures of it! Guess I'll have to have a look at the family pictures, huh? Love you!!!

Wuppett said...

Next time you come to the Tri-cities call we can meet for lunch.
I get breaks inbetween bus routes and would be fun to see you.