Thursday, March 26, 2009

March update

March was such a crazy month! For most of it we were getting ready for Jon's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Reception. Jon's brother, Steve and family, and his sister Terri and her daughter Jessica flew up from Arizona for the shin-dig. It was such a wonderful time (hectic, too) to have them all here to help celebrate this wonderful occasion. Many more family members were able to be here, as well as loads of friends! It was so awesome to see how many people love and care for Barbara and Phil.

These first 4 pics were taken by Christina Harris with her fantastic camera! These are just some shots she took while we were at the park one day with their family.
I took this picture of Jessica modeling Barbara's Wedding dress. She looked SO pretty!
Just a snapshot of Aleigha and her cousin Joshua playing together. These two got along SO well! It was amazing to see that...especially with their ages.
Joshy eating some chocolate chip pancakes! Look at those cheeks!!!!
Aleigha and Joshy sharing some cake. Josh just came right over and sat right next to her and started feeding her his cake. It was SOO stinkin' cute!

Barb & Phil sampling their cake at their anniversary reception.
Terri and Aunt Ronni
Jakey with one of his many pieces of cake! Oiy! My kids were LOVIN' that cake!
Just running around outside the reception...cooling off.
Barb and her Maid of honor. (another of Christina's work)
Barb and Phil (I think Jon took this)
Love this shot! Isn't it great? Kuddos to Christina for this one!
The anniversary cake. Thanks Shana for making such a GEORGIOUS cake!
Caught in the act of sneeking some more goodies!
Steve and Joshy.
Miss Aleigha
More updates coming soon! Yeah, yeah....I say that alot! LOL


Team Harris said...

Oh yay! An update!! I was wondering if we were going to see anything more! I love all the pics... glad you used some of mine. BTW... the one of Barbara and Phil that you said you think Jon took... hehehe... that was mine too! ;-) I LOVE taking pictures and look for every opportunity to practice!

Can't wait to hear more... how about a Pocatello update???

Barbara said...

Josh feeding Aleigha cake was was Aleigha as she wiped her mouth with the napkin. Such a lady!! It was great to see the updates. We have little idea what went on aside from the reception line (which we enjoyed SO much) these pictures help. Yep, you and Christina are good with the cameras.