Sunday, June 22, 2008


Wow! This month is just about over! Well, as most of you know, my Lil' Sis, AhRian came up for a week from Poky during this month. Then we drove do my Mom's for a week. I was even with my mom for my birthday...haven't had a birthday with her since I turned 17! We had a great time. It was a much needed get away. But I am sure glad to be back. Even brought Krysten back with me and the kiddos to say for the summer. :) She sure is a HUGE help! And, Jake and Aleigha absolutely ADORE her! It's been fun. So, here are some pics from this month:

Shopping Trip

Funny Faces with Aunt Ri Good Morning!Shoe!Wow! Aunt Ri's in the tunnels WITH us! Everyone wears ShadesKitty MouseAww...So cute!Where'd he go?!Pillowcase races Goodnight, Krysten! Ri being silly at Denny's.Counting change with Grandma.Ri's new hair do--very cute!Aleigha meeting Ty Ty Sister moment!Swinging fun at Great Grandma's!Ya, ya--we know we're cute!Aunt Ri & "Uncle" Jim Aleigha & MommyAleigha & KrystenWhat a handsome lil' man!Family Picture at Grandma Colleen'sThe Birthday Girls! Showing off her new CTR favorite!I LOVE ICECREAM!Showing off my new picture keychain--very cool!Mom/Grandma & Ty Ty

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Hartman's said...

Geeze, who would have thought to take a camera to the grocery store :) So glad you had a chance to getaway...looks like you had fun. We've missed your updates, your kids grow so quickly.