Sunday, May 6, 2007

New to this blogger thing...

OK, so, I just have to say that this is totally new to me. The concept of actually updating a "blog" every day or week is just weird to me. I have been one that occasionally will write in a journal, but NEVER faithfully. I have always wanted to be more proficient in keeping a daily journal (or at least a weekly one), but I have always fallen off the wagon. Occasionally, I will type up my goals and try and follow them...but, alas, that, too, falls by the way side. So, now. Once more. I am trying AGAIN to work on a journal of sorts. However, this will not just be about me, but about my family and the goings on in my own wonderful world of diaper changing, potty training, school, church callings, and the likes. I will, once again, strive to keep this as up-to-date as I can, but, please, know that I can promise nothing. :) Yet, I will strive to keep this updated weekly (I figure this is a LOT more doable than daily).

So, here is to a new start...again...


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